Chesterton Riverfront Development Project

What is it?

The Chesterton Riverfront Development Project was a resolution created by Chesterton's Town Council in September 2009 in order to spur economic development. The "riverfront designation" allows the town to circumvent the population quota for liquor licenses within a 3,000 feet radius from either bank of Coffee Creek along the Little Calumet River as it curves its way south to north through the Downtown area.

The project consists of three components:

  • The development of a Downtown overlay zone
  • Restoration and expansion of the boardwalk at Coffee Creek Park
  • The identification, acquisition, and development of real estate for downtown parking facilities
Riverfront Development map

Town's Objectives

Chesterton's ultimate goal of this project is to encourage economic development and fine dining in the downtown area. The town hopes to entice restaurant and other Downtown business owners to stay open at night. A wider availability of fine dinning along with extended operation hours will hopefully result in beneficial economic growth for all parties involved.

The town is able to issue this resolution due to Indiana Code 7.1-3-20-16.1, entitled Municipal riverfront development projects. This is a unique opportunity for local businesses. Prior to the project, restaurant owners were obliged to purchase a liquor license from the State of Indiana. This sometimes became a costly and extensive process.


  • Must be located within "riverfront district".
  • Unlike previously issued liquor licenses, new liquor licenses obtained as part of the Chesterton Riverfront Project are non-transferable. They cannot be sold.
  • Must be a restaurant. Bars do not qualify for this low cost liquor license, to include sports bars that serve food.

For more information

To learn more or to take the next step in obtaining a liquor license as part of the Chesterton Riverfront Development Project please contact us.