Zoning Map

Interactive Zoning Map

Types of Zoning Districts

  • "R-1" Residential
  • "R-2" Residential
  • "R-3" Residential
  • "R-B" Residential Business
  • "B-1" Business
  • "B-2" Business
  • "B-3" Business
  • "I-1" Industrial
  • "I-2" Industrial

District Definitions


Districts designated for residential use, R-1, R-2, and R-3, are limited to dwellings and public or semi-public uses which are normally associated with residential neighborhoods. The only uses permitted in the residential districts are those which would not detract from the residential character of the neighborhood. The purpose of these 3 districts is to create an attractive, yet stable and orderly residential environment. However, the families per dwelling and the lost and yard requirements are different in the 3 districts to provide for the various housing needs and desires of the community. The R-1 designation is a low density single-family residential area. The R-2 designation is a 1 or 2 family residential area and the R-3 designation is a multi family residential area.

Residential Business District (R-B)

This district is composed of only those business and service establishments which supply 'convenience goods' or 'personal services', satisfying the daily needs of the abutting neighborhoods. It may also include office space which, by the nature of the business, will not adversely impact property values, local traffic or general welfare. While the district is intended for walk in trade, adequate and screened off-street parking and loading areas shall be provided and no outside storage is allowed. Drive through facilities shall be prohibited in the R-B district.


The districts designated for business, B-1, B-2, and B-3, are limited to business, public and certain residential uses. By establishing compact districts for such uses, more efficient traffic movement, parking facilities, fire protection and police protection may be provided. Industrial uses are excluded in order to reduce the hazards caused by extensive truck and rail movements normally associated with such uses. The purpose of theses districts is to provide unified shopping districts conveniently located. The B-1 designation comprises of high density, downtown area of the Town. The B-2 district is the medium density, business district and represents the major extensions of the downtown business area along the major arteries in the Town. The B-3 is a lower density, open space type of use relating principally to automotive sales and service, business requiring outside storage facilities and quasi-business industrial facilities.


The districts designated for industry, I-1 and I-2, provide suitable space for existing industries and their expansion as well as future industrial development. Performance standards, parking specifications, and yard regulations are set forth in this Ordinance in order to ensure safe industrial development that is compatible with adjacent uses. The locations of the districts are near railroads or highways in order to meet the transportation needs of industry. I-1, the light industrial district, provides space for industries, which do not cause conditions that would be objectionable to neighboring properties. I-2, the heavy industrial district, provides a space for certain intensive industrial operations, which may have some objectionable characteristics. Greater separation is required between the industries in the I-2 district and residential or business uses than is necessary in the I-1 district.

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