Tree Board


  • As Needed
  • Town Hall
    726 Broadway
    Chesterton, IN 46304


There shall be created a committee that serves solely in an advisory capacity to the Chesterton Town Council that shall be known as the "Tree Committee." The Tree Committee shall be composed of 3 members, who are residents of the Town of Chesterton, and who shall be appointed by the Town Council. Current members are:

  • Gina Darnell
  • Victoria Wittig
  • Cory Falk


The term of office for the members shall initially be 2 years. After the initial term is over, each successive term shall be 1, 2, and 3 years respectively.

All members of the Tree Committee serve at the pleasure of the Town Council and the Town Council has the ability to remove any member at any time for any reason deemed sufficient to the Town Council.

Section 26-3: Tree Committee Duties & Responsibilities

The Tree Committee shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Town Council on all matters pertaining to these Municipal Street Tree Regulations. Matters upon which the Tree Committee may advise the Town Council include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Assist in policy development concerning the care, preservation, selection, planting, transplanting, spraying, maintenance, and removal of trees and shrubs in the street right-of-way, public parks, and other public places assuring that good arboricultural practices are followed.
  • Make recommendations regarding tree care of street trees and park trees and the sodding, seeding, and maintenance of lawns along existing town streets.
  • Assist, when requested by the Town Council, in the preparation of grant applications that would fund municipal tree related projects.
  • Assist the Street Commissioner, when requested, concerning matters contained within these Municipal Street Tree Regulations.
  • When requested by the Town Council, present inventory of public trees in the town.
  • Cooperate with the Indiana Department of Transportation concerning planting efforts along state road right-of-ways within Chesterton’s boundaries.
  • Conduct educational programs as necessary while working with private and public agencies and organizations to establish programs for planting and the care of street trees.
  • Advise, as needed, concerning amendments to these Municipal Street Tree Regulations including the Arboricultural Specifications Manual.
  • Meet as needed.
  • Elect a president and vice president annually and keep a written record of its proceedings, all in accordance with Indiana law.
  • Shall serve without compensation.