Redevelopment Commission


  • 6:30 P.M.
  • 4th Monday of each month
  • Town Hall
    726 Broadway
    Chesterton, IN 46304

The Redevelopment Commission meets a minimum of 1 times a month with additional meetings scheduled as necessary for project approval and updates.


The Redevelopment Commission is a 6-member board of town citizens, of which 5 have voting privileges. Current members are:

  • Dane Lafata
  • James Ton
  • Sharon Darnell
  • Jennifer Fisher
  • Erin Collins
  • Tim McGinty


The voting members of the Redevelopment Commission consist of:

  • 3 appointed by a consensus of the Town Council members
  • 2 are appointed by the President of the Town Council

The 6th member has no voting privileges and serves in an advisory capacity only, is a town resident and a member of the Duneland School Board.


There are no requirements for party affiliation to be a member of the Redevelopment Commission.


The Redevelopment Commission is tasked with investigating and determining to the best extent possible areas within the Town of Chesterton needing redevelopment and to promote such redevelopment in the manner that best serves the interests of the town and its residents.

Projects are funded by taxes received from properties within an established district within the town.