Storm Water Fees

The amount of impervious surface (hard surfaces such as roads, buildings, driveways, and parking lots) are the factors taken into consideration to determine an equitable storm water fee. The amount of impervious surface on a parcel is measured through the use of aerial photography.

Determining Fees

Fees are determined using a base rate and an Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) assessed on every parcel. An ERU is a unit value, which is equal to the average amount of impervious surface area for a single-family home within the Storm Water Quality Program jurisdiction (the entirety of town).

One ERU has been determined to equal 3,585 square feet of impervious surface area.


There are 2 classes of users, or owners of a parcel of land or building located with the Storm Water Quality Program jurisdiction: residential and nonresidential. Residential users are those containing 2 or less single-family dwelling units.


User Class
Base Rate
Variable Rate
$2.18 / ERU