Police Department

In 1968, the Chesterton Town Police Department changed from a Town Marshall System to the current Metropolitan Police Agency. 

The Chesterton Police Department has a Board of Metropolitan Police Commissioners, drawn from 3 town residents, appointed by the Chesterton Town Council to serve 3-year terms. The board appoints 1 member of the Department to serve as Chief of Police, and hires, disciplines and establishes general department rules and regulations. The Chief of Police, like the Fire Chief, works in very close collaboration with the Town Manager. 

The Chesterton Police Department currently has authorized personnel strength of 26 full time commissioned officers, 15 reserve officers and 7 civilian employees. The civilian employees primarily perform clerical and communications duties for the department to include the school crossing guard assignments.

The Department is divided into 4 Divisions:

  • Administration—includes the Chief and Division Commanders
  • Patrol—overseen by a Division Commander and consists of three constant crews scheduled for day turns, afternoons and midnights
  • Investigations—overseen by a Division Commander and consists of detectives, the school resource officer, a directed patrol officer and specialized assignments to Task Forces such as the Porter County Drug Task Force
  • Support Services—overseen by a Division Commander and consists of Communications, computer services/technology, fleet maintenance and Neighborhood Watch Program.