The town’s Engineering Department is located at 1490 Broadway in Suite 3. The office is responsible for:

  • Administering town-sponsored construction projects ranging from road reconstruction, intersection improvements, sewer separation, storm sewer construction and storm water management, etc.
  • Assisting the Building Department in commercial site reviews and Board of Zoning Appeals
  • Meeting with developers interested in building/investing in the town
  • Drafting of ordinance changes pertaining to development issues
  • Reviewing all subdivision projects and infrastructure improvement designs submitted by private developers
  • Providing staff support for the Board of Zoning Appeals, Plan Commission and Redevelopment Commission
  • Providing construction engineering services for town projects
  • Designing as-needed in-house projects for town departments
  • Maintaining all maps and drawings for the town
  • Updating town design and construction standards
  • Providing census documentation to the U.S. Census Bureau
  • Providing assistance to homeowners when storm water or sewer problems are encountered
  • Providing assistance to all town departments and other agencies

The Engineer also represents the town at various state and regional agencies and organizations pertaining to transportation, sanitary sewers, storm water, planning and general development.

Helpful Development Documents

Chesterton Town Standards

Chesterton Town Standards - Appendix B: Applicable INDOT Drawings

AMENDED Chesterton Town Standards - Section C.4 - Composite Asphalt Pavement and Aggregate Base

Chesterton Town Code - Chapter 24: Storm Water Management