Street Department

The Street, Sanitation, and Central Services departments are all in the same location for efficiency and staffing purposes.

Our goal is to provide the best service to the residents of Chesterton as efficiently as possible.


The following are just some of our duties and responsibilities:

  • Maintain Alleys
  • Maintain and Install Street Signs and Markings
  • Maintain Decorative Lighting in the Downtown Area and South Calumet Road
  • Maintain Town Streets - Patching, Paving, and Crack Sealing
  • Maintain Traffic Signals on Town Roads
  • Maintenance of Over 5,000 Trees Within the Town’s Right-of-Way
  • Sidewalk Replacement Programs
  • Snow Removal
  • Storm Sewer Maintenance


Staffing for all of these departments consist of:

  • 9 Staff Employees
  • Administrative Assistant for Street, Sanitation, and Central Services Departments
  • Central Services Manager
  • Foreman
  • Street Commissioner