Wastewater Utility

Service Areas

The Fritz C. Dietrich Environmental Control Facility, Chesterton’s wastewater treatment facility, services the Town of Chesterton, Town of Porter and the Indian Boundary Conservancy District.

The facility can treat at a rate of 4.6 million gallons per day (MGD) diurnal flow and at a rate of 10 MGD during wet weather events.

Facility Features

The facility consists of a headworks facility with:

  • 1 ultra violet disinfection chamber
  • 2 primary anaerobic digesters to treat the primary and waste activated sludge
  • 2 re-aeration units
  • 3 final clarifiers
  • 3 pumps
  • 6 fine bubble aeration tanks
  • 6 primary clarifiers

The digested sludge is transferred to a secondary digester for further treatment. The final process in this system is dewatering the sludge for land application at a local farm. 

Collection System

The Collection System includes 35 lift stations and more than 68 miles of sanitary sewers with pipe sizes ranging from 4 inches to 48 inches.

Plant Facts

  • Expansion Dates – 1987, 2001, 2015
  • Maximum Storm Flow Treatment – 10.0 MGD
  • NPDES Number – IN0022578
  • Original Plant Construction – 1963
  • Plant Capacity – 4.6 MGD
  • Plant Type – Advanced Activated Sludge Plant