Façade Program

Façade Grant Program

Businesses are able to apply for grant funding in order to help defray the costs associated with façade renovations. The Façade Committee of the Chesterton/Duneland Chamber of Commerce evaluates the applicants and awards x number of recipients based upon available funds from the Duneland Economic Development Corporation (DEDC). The grant funds are available to projects located within the main corridors of the Duneland Community as determined by the DEDC. The amounts awarded vary and require a 20% matched investment from each grant recipient. Awarded funds are reimbursed and not prepaid.

  • In 2010 the Façade Committee of the Chesterton/Duneland Chamber of Commerce, funded by the Duneland Economic Development Company, awarded 7 local businesses with grant funding for renovations. In 2011, $39,000 was distributed among 18 different award recipients.
  • One satisfied 2010 recipient of this Chamber of Commerce Grant was Brainstorm Computers, Inc.
"We were thrilled to be one of the recipients of the DEDC and Duneland Chamber's 2010 façade grants. It enabled us to restore the front of our building to a condition that is not only beautiful but increases our visibility and enhances the aesthetic appeal of our area in downtown Chesterton. We are very happy the Chamber saw the value in our project and are very pleased with the result", stated Mark Swanson of BrainStorm Computers, Inc.

Auction Bay Online was another recipient of the Chesterton/ Duneland Chamber of Commerce façade grant. The photo above to the right illustrates the condition of Auction Bay Online's exterior prior to its renovations and the photo to the right exemplifies what can be achieved by utilizing façade grant funding.

"The grant project gave us the motivation needed to get the project rolling," Vince Kisala, owner of Auction Bay Online, said. "Planning it out on paper was fun, and we are very happy with the end results. We even had some new customers ask if we had just opened (when in fact we had been open for 4 years). The bright new storefront definitely gets us noticed more than then the dull gray weathered building. I would recommend the program to anyone, it is worth the effort."

Façade Loan Program

  • Loans offered by the Town of Chesterton are awarded to qualified businesses to improve their property front.
  • Loans are issued at a 2% interest rate to be paid within 5 years. The amount of loan varies depending on available funds.
  • For more information or to apply for this loan contact the Clerk Treasure's office located at town hall at 219-926-1641.
  • Indiana financing and taxes

There are several financial benefits to locating a business in Chesterton, Indiana. Indiana has established itself as a business friendly state and the state website has developed a webpage designed specifically for business taxpayers and includes information, forms, electronic services, and resources regarding Indiana Business Taxes.