Place to Work

Chesterton's location and availability to natural resources has allowed for a diverse workforce to develop. The town is in close proximity to large corporations in the steel and international shipping industries, ArcelorMittal Steel and the Ports of Indiana. Both of which provide numerous employment opportunities for Chesterton residents. Recently the area has seen a spike in demand for medical professions in response to the construction of the state-of-the-art Community Health Systems Inc. (CHS) Porter Hospital on Indiana State Road 49 and the Saint Anthony Memorial full service, free standing emergency department. Chesterton is planning for growth and encourages companies that are established and dedicated to light industry, research / life science development, and retail development to locate in Chesterton. Several locations encircling roughly 400 acres total have been recognized for this potential growth. These locations offer opportune access to State Road 49, Interstate 94, the Indiana Toll Road (Interstate 80/90), and U.S. Routes 12 and 20. Also vital to the success of any business is its access to the proper infrastructure. Chesterton officials understand this need and thus have supported recent efforts to improve and insert additional installations of natural gas, sanitary sewer, and fiber optic infrastructure.

Snow Down Town

Chesterton is also proud to be a sanctuary for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs that locate in Chesterton may provide different services and/or sell different categories of goods but what all entrepreneurs have in common is the ambition to succeed. Locating in Chesterton is a step in the right direction and one individual who successfully located his unique technology based company in Chesterton is Eric Kroeger, president of Virtual Innovation, Inc. (VI). Kroeger created VI with the goal of utilizing virtual technology to help companies improve the availability, recovery and security of records.

"At VI, we provide technology services to clients throughout the Midwest, and Chesterton is centrally located with easy access to Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. Further, most of our employees live in Northwest Indiana, and Chesterton offers great quality of life for our employees and their families," Kroeger said.

In conclusion, Chesterton provides its citizens with the chance to live a high quality life. Our community is a safe neighborhood to raise a family and is located in the vicinity of the scenic Indiana Dunes with many opportunities for an education and career. Chesterton offers the best of both worlds; it has remained a small close knit community, yet has continued to develop economically.